Category: warm/cool

J. F. Willumsen: Afternoon light

J.F.ヴィルムセン (1863-1958, DK)「午後の光」(1885, 油彩, 33x47) Permalink

Unknown painter: Walk in the rain

(19〜20世紀, DK?)「雨の中を行く」(油彩, 18x24) Permalink

Dennis Møgelgaard: Black pitcher with garlic and conch

デニス・メウルゴー (1959 - , DK)「静物」 (2000, 油彩, 48x55) Permalink

Karl Jensen: Interior with woman reading by the lamp

Karl Jensen (1851-1933, DK): Interiør med kvinde under lampe (1905, oil, 44x51) Permalink

H. A. Brendekilde: A man defying the winter weather

H. A. ブレナキレ (1857-1942, DK)「雪の中を突き進む人」 (パステル, 38x56) Permalink